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You’ve been avoiding Twitter for over a year because it’s confusing, looks irrelevant, or you just don’t get it. But being a savvy business-owner, you’ve watched it grow to over & even noticed that your competitor, who barely uses his computer, has a thousand Twitter followers. That’s convinced you do dive in.

Here is my first post of a series on getting started on using Twitter for business.

Setting up Your Twitter Profile


1. Pick a Smart Username

Are you a one-person shop? The most unique part of your business is you, use your own name or a variation of your name, like @BrandyMychals.

Otherwise use your business name. If your business name is too long or already taken, pick words that describe what you do & where you’re located. Or combine the options to create your unique Twitter name, like @MaileRealEstate.


2. Fill out the Bio Completely.

State where you’re located, who you are & how you help your clients. If there are multiple people managing your account, consider putting their names in the bio too. And don’t forget your web site!


3. Upload Your Photo

Don’t use your logo as your profile pic. People connect with real people & they want to know they’re hearing from you & not a robot. If there are several people managing your business account, consider using a group photo. Take advantage of having a custom background & create a custom Twitter background that features your logo & brand.


Next time, I’ll share my tips for your very first tweets!

Have you already started using Twitter? Please add your tips you’d like to share in the comments below.

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