Laura Voss
2015 was a trying year, but because of your help and inspiration, I made my revenue goal, grew my client base, and really got focused on what exactly it is I want to help people with.

- Laura Voss, Personal Trainer, Oh My Fitness



Alan Koenigsberg You have been a breath of fresh air for me personally and a tremendous boost for my business. The skills and support I have received will pay dividends for years. The caliber of coaching is outstanding. I would highly recommend Referral Institute to elevate your business to new heights.”

— Alan Koenigsberg, Agile Search Marketing



Mariska Rowell Within 7 hours of making the first changes Gail recommended, I had a message in my LinkedIn mailbox inquiring about service.

I really struggled to figure out how to post things that would be interesting to other people and how to integrate social media in my life so I was consistently active on social media. Working with Gail was amazing: she is literally everything you need to set up a successful social media campaign for your business. She researched my industry, she looked at my profiles, told me exactly what to change on each of my profiles, helped me create a year's worth of blog posts, and created a weekly social media activity plan that fit into my schedule to help me be more consistent in my online activities. Everyone needs to talk to Gail if they want to get the most out of their social media marketing!

- Mariska Rowell, Access Answering Services


Carolyn Higgins Gail and her team understand that social media marketing isn't just about posting cute pictures and catchy headlines, it's about understanding a business and the audience they're trying to reach and tailoring the content to engage them on their terms.

Nott Limited is the best social media management firm I've worked with. They are great at continuously analyzing, studying and reporting on your social media activity so you can gain even deeper insight into your marketing and ensure you’re getting the best ROI.

Their team is highly responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them for your small business social media marketing needs.

- Carolyn Higgins, Fortune Marketing Company


Alison Stripling Gail Nott was the Keynote Speaker at Social Media Leadership Forum 2014, a sold out event that I hosted in Walnut Creek. She was also a panelist for the conferences in 2015, 2016, and the upcoming 2017 event.

She offered valuable ideas for panel speakers, she was well-prepared for her talk, and delivered a dynamic presentation. She also assisted with paid ads, event marketing, and extra PR on Facebook. She's a great team player and I highly recommend her services.

- Alison Stripling, Digital Marketing Consultant, Cornerstone Creative



Melissa Ko, DC I had an opportunity to sit down with Gail to discuss social media marketing for my small business... we had such a great meeting! Gail is pleasant, positive and most importantly, knows her stuff! She had a lot of great ideas to get me started. I would highly recommend chatting with her! I look forward to working with her in the future!

- Melissa Ko, DC, Chiropractor




Maile Collmer Gail Nott has been exceptional at keeping me relevant on social media. Before using Gail's services I was dabbling and just using social media randomly as I had time. Gail has created numerous pages and profiles on the most relevant social media sites and strategically placed me where my clients are and where social media is trending. Gail has made a huge impact with my presence on the internet. I highly recommend using Gail Nott for your social media strategy!