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Are you looking for expert guidance to get the most out of your social media marketing?


If you're here, you understand the potential of reaching thousands of people through social media & online marketing.

But you don't want to waste time playing on Facebook.

And you don't have the budget yet to hire a specialist.

You might feel overwhelmed and pressured that you "have to" to use social media.

You're an intelligent, savvy expert, and if someone just guided you, you know you can get it done.


I have proven success in coaching purpose-driven entrepreneurs increase Credibility & Clients through social media and I'm excited to help you achieve your dream business!


Gail Nott | Social Media Strategist

My passion is to support entrepreneurs like you with:

* Sharing your positive, life-changing message to the world

* Attracting your favorite clients with ease

* Leveraging technology without spamming your friends

* Decreasing the time you spend on the computer

* And having the freedom to live the lifestyle you desire


If this is for you, join the Social Media Mastermind!

You will receive individual strategy advice in our private Facebook group where you can ask me any question, at any time.

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to Mastermind with like-minded professionals to brainstorm and test your online marketing possibilities.

Social Media Mastermind with Gail NottIn our weekly, 30-minute webinars, you'll learn how to:

* Be found through search
* Improve your online "first impression" on a budget
* Gather social proof & testimonials
* Start your email newsletter
* Write content to attract your ideal clients
* What to post, when to post & where to post
* Figure out what really works for your business
* And get your social media & online marketing questions answered!


This program isn't for you if:
* You don't have 3 hours a week to spend on online marketing right now
* You don't want accountability to implement what you learn
* You already know that social media won't work for your business.


As a special gift for taking action now, I'm giving you a special 50% off discount for only $19 a month for the first month!

Afterwards, it is only $39 a month so that I can help every business person I can in a fun & supportive environment.You can cancel anytime AND you have a 30-day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee!

Sign up and get on the right track with Social Media Mastermind!

Only $19 for the 1st month! Cancel anytime.


Questions? Email me at info@gailnott.com.

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