Use Psychology to Get More Clicks in Your Social Media

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One of my goals with social media is to drive traffic to my client's web site. In order to do this, the social media post must be enticing enough to compel a prospect to leave the social media site they're on now and click through to read the rest of the post.

I found this insightful article on the HubSpot blog on the psychology behind Twitter engagement by Lanya Olmsted. Even though it focuses on Twitter, the same principles can be applied to increasing click-throughs on any social media platform.

Psychology & Social Media Click-Throughs


Here are my interpretations of the four psychological theories presented by Olmsted and examples of different social media headlines for one blog post, "3 D's to Drive Referrals" by Brennan Scanlon.


1. Challenge Assumptions

Challenge what your prospects think are true. What are they ignoring? What did they forget? What important step are they missing?


The 3 D's You Might Be Ignoring That Could Drive More Referrals
Do You Have Consistency & Quality in the 3 D's You Need to Drive Referrals?


2. Appeal to the Ego

Appealing to the go is the opposite of challenging assumptions. What do your prospects identify with? What are they already great at and would still improve?


The 3 D's Great Networkers Excel at to Drive Referrals


3. Benefit

This psychological theory is the easiest one for me to write on. What do your prospects get from reading your blog post? What do they learn? How will this improve their lives?


Drive More Referrals and Revenue with The 3 D's


4. Need

The Hubspot article suggested using the words "ought" and "should". I hate using the word "should". I think it has a manipulative intent that prays on someone's self-worth.

Instead use the words "need" or "recommend".


The 3 D's You Need Have to Drive Referrals


Bonus Tip: Use Keyword Rich Blog Post Titles

Some bloggers make the mistake of creating cute or funny blog titles. Instead, save that for your social media posts and use keyword phrases that your prospects search for.


Your Turn

Do you agree on how I interpreted the four pscyhologcial theories that Olmstead presented? What examples would you add?

Try these exercises whenever you're writing social media posts and comment below with a link to where you used it. I would love to see how you're putting these ideas into action.


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