The 1% Shift in Your Social Media Marketing

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In James Clear's article, This Coach Improved Every Tiny Thing by 1 Percent and Here’s What Happened, he describes the "Aggregation of Marginal Gains".


It’s so easy to overestimate the importance of one defining moment and underestimate the value of making better decisions on a daily basis...

...improving by just 1 percent isn’t notable (and sometimes it isn’t even noticeable). But it can be just as meaningful, especially in the long run...

There is power in small wins and slow gains. This is why average speed yields above average results. This is why the system is greater than the goal. This is why mastering your habits is more important than achieving a certain outcome.


It reminded me of what I heard in marketing seminar once:  Changing the direction of your ship by one percent can bring you to a different continent.

One Percent Shift in Marketing


The 1% Shift in Your Social Media Marketing

How can we apply this concept to social media?  I see so many small business owners get discouraged when they don't see instant results.  Aim for incremental gains instead.

Also, there's a difference between competitive analysis and letting your competitors' statistics stop you from marketing your own business.


Social Media Metrics that Count

Start tracking the following numbers:

  • Traffic to Your Web Site
  • Sources of Traffic
  • Keywords and Number of Searches
  • Followers/Likes on Social Media (tracks brand interest)
  • Email Subscribers (tracks buyer interest)
  • Calls/Emails/In-Store Visits by Potential Customers
  • Sales
  • How Your Customers Found You
  • Length of Buying Cycle
  • Which Social Media & Email Newsletter Your New Customers Follow/Subscribe To
  • Number of Reviews and Average Rating

Note when they are increases (or decreases), and determine what caused that change.  Did paid advertising help?  Was it the content of the post?  Did it have more engagement?

As you pinpoint the most effective online marketing strategies, create tactics to incrementally increase your strengths until your ready to improve one of your weaknesses.


What's the 1% shift you will make in your social media marketing?

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