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My husband & I are moving forward in our dreams of traveling around the world by making it financially possible to do so. One of our action steps is to save more and pay off debt by living way beneath our means and moving into a smaller apartment...which entails getting rid of a lot of stuff!

I'm amazed at how much I tend to collect living in one spot for a few years. I've probably moved 8 times in my adult life & in the past, I always just carried boxes of stuff along with me. I never let go of anything. I would just pack it all up and move it.... and I would hate moving these heavy, burden-filled boxes. Each box represented a past I refused to let go of.

So this time instead, I am purging everything. My litmus test is "what would I really miss if there was a fire & I lost everything?"

And that's when a little bit of panic sets in! Every item has a memory, good or bad attached to it. For someone who prefers to be happy all the time, the roller coaster of emotions is too much for me.

When I feel my heart pound, I stop, take a deep breath, and I remember why I'm doing this. What's the big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? I imagine, my toes in the sand as I stare into the ocean & thinking, "Wow -- I live here!" I can hear the sounds of a new city & a new language. The smells of the ocean or the scent of delicious street food.

Why I'm Online

Who wants to lug a bunch of baggage to that?!

For some people, online marketing and social media may put them in the "uncomfortable zone". I've seen clients get a little panicked when it's time to hit publish or even add a friend on Facebook. I've heard everything from, "what are they going to think of me" to "I don't want anyone to attack me" to "no one cares about what I think".

Whether you're starting your online marketing from scratch or not feeling inspired to continue sharing through social media, remember why you're doing all of this in the first place.

Remember the lifestyle you want to live, the joy you'll inspire in your clients, the free time you'll have to spend with your family. Imagine how these experiences will be with your senses. What can you touch? What do you see? What do you smell & hear? Is it the sound of your children laughing, as you play barefoot in the grass now that you have afternoons off? Is it the applause you receive after dazzling an audience of thousands with your keynote speech? Is it the delicious food your personal chef has prepared for you?

Experiencing your goals through your senses will inspire you to keep moving forward through the uncomfortableness, the newness, the frustration, the challenges. Social media & online marketing are just tools in your toolbelt you can use to build your desired lifestyle.


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