Make a Mint from Your Book by Lisa Sasevich

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I see this all the time. You’ve just poured your heart and soul and even years of your life into your book, and the paperback sells for $17, the ebook even less.

And if you were published by a traditional press, you only get about 10% of that price.

Profit From Your Book

How are you going to make a living, much less a fortune from that!

It’s actually easier than you think.

Just give a teleseminar on the subject of your book and use it like a workbook.

Group the chapters into five distinct sections, which then become the content for your five-part teleseries.

Then give a free preview call to talk about the topic of the book and invite people to work with you further in the teleseries.

You’ll get the book out there front and center, and then people will get to work with you live on the line.

You can easily sell this for $297, $497, and you can put a lot of people into one class.

You take it even further by recording the teleseries, packaging the CDs with the book, and sell it for years to come.

Teleseminars mean no more starving artist for you!

And the technology today makes it super easy for you to make a mint from your existing book.

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