Your 2013 Online Marketing Dashboard


Download Your Dashboard

Click here to get the Google Docs version >>
1. In the Menu, click on "File" & select "Make a copy..."
2. Name it anything you want & it will automatically save in your Google Drive account.


To download the Excel spreadsheet version (.xls), right-click & select "Save As" on this link.
(Note: This is a large, 19MB file.)


How to Use Your Dashboard

1. Start by setting your Goals in the Overall Stats tab.

2. Next, plan your online marketing for this month first by choose a theme for this month.

3. Delete any of the daily, weekly or monthly observances that don't apply to your business.

4. Work left to right, through the columns. What are your offers? When will you send emails to your list? What will you blog about? etc.

5. If you're new to calendar your marketing, try planning just ONE MONTH at a time.

7. Be realistic with how much marketing you'll actually complete. It's better to do just ONE thing CONSISTENTLY, than a smorgasbord once in a while.

8. Feel free to skip any columns that don't apply to your current online marketing plan.

9. I suggest not deleting any columns; you might add those tactics later in the year.

10. Refer to your Dashboard at least weekly, if not daily. This is your tool to check what's working, what's not & to move your business forward by showcasing your expertise through online marketing!

11. If keeping the Dashboard online or on your computer doesn't work for you, PRINT it out and keep it near your computer.


Any questions? Do you want a customized plan for your business?
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