Make Your Connections Count

Make Your Connections CountMake Your Connections Count eBook is a valuable tool to help you turn your networking efforts into a business building machine. With this book, you can quickly rev up your networking know-how. Top experts in each of their respective specialties have joined together to give you proven, highly effective networking strategies. You’ll find everything you need to make your connections truly count and your business thrive.

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Table of Contents

  • Twitter Strategies:Secrets to Getting Connected and Getting Results by Gail Nott
  • First Impressions You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover… or Can You? By Mirella Zanatta
  • Professional Presence and Visual Impact Look and Feel Your Best by Lori Barber
  • The Authentic Connection By SherryLynn Wrenn and Sandra Fuentes
  • Make Your Connections Count Across Generations by Bruce Bright, LtCol USMC (Ret), CCIM, CPC
  • An Unconditional Connector is an Influential Connector By Ken Rochon
  • To Strike Networking Gold, Go on a Treasure Hunt! By Betty Liedtke
  • Networking: One Relationship at a Time By Eleanor Parker, MBA
  • Great Givers Give Great Referrals By Michelle R. Donovan
  • Be a Memorable Connector by Cathy Jennings
  • Set Yourself Apart by Doing the Little Things By Jenny Bywater
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Networking Organizations By Patty Farmer
  • The Importance of Follow-Up and How to Delegate It By Joanne Lang
  • How to Attract More Clients Through Effective Networking by PJ Van Hulle
  • The Art of Connecting People Together By Anne Garland, ASID
  • The Art of Networking in the Digital Age The Brand of You By Sima Dahl, MBA
  • Using Virtual Events to Build Your Network Five Simple Steps for Success By Lynn Pearce
  • Social Capital The New Business Building Tool By Nannette Bosh, CPC
  • Build Connections Quickly with Your Own Talk Radio Show By Ana Lucia Novak
  • Use Speaking to Build a Thriving Network By Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

Order $7.00 plus tax

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