[Infographic] Daily & Weekly Social Media Routines

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Below is a sample daily and weekly routine to manage your social media.

When designing your own social media schedule, first determine how much time you can budget in your day and week on a consistent basis. If you're not sure, start small. You can actually manage social media in 10 minutes a day... if you plan ahead of time.

Once you've set your daily and weekly time budget, choose from the sample tasks below. Based on the sites you're working on how, which actions can you accomplish? Again, if you feel like you're spread too thin, choose one and get it done. Choose one social media site to focus on (the rest you can automate for now). As you become more comfortable with the site, add another one to your routine.

For example, you may feel very comfortable with Facebook right now. Get to know all of the parts of it. Learn about the Newsfeed, EdgeRank, Groups, Timeline, Page, Ads, etc. When you feel accomplished with Facebook, learn another site with that much depth.

What's your social media routine?

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