Should You Hire a Social Media Consultant or an Assistant for Your Small Business?

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What do you do when you are so busy that you have no time to maintain an effective social media campaign for your business?

Social Media Consultant or Assistant
Hire the right social media manager for your business needs.

First: Take a look at the health of your business today.

Can your business handle more clients? How is your sales pipeline? Do you have a backlog of people to follow up with or is it empty? Are your administrative tasks handled in a timely fashion or do you find it overwhelming and draining?

Also, why do you want to maintain a social media campaign? Is it necessary to your business? Is it just for fun? Is it just because everyone else says you “must be” on social media?

After you've determined that it is necessary—and especially if you are regularly maintaining one but it is not effective and you are not receiving any clients from it, your best option might be to outsource and hire either a social media manager or an assistant.

Determine if You Need a Consultant or an Assistant

Do you:

  • Already understand social media and have a plan in mind,
  • Need someone to handle the data entry and scheduling of the posts,
  • Have additional administrative tasks that need to be completed?

I recommend hiring an assistant who is familiar with social media.

This person can be an employee or an off-site or virtual assistant (VA). A social media assistant performs social-media related tasks delegated by you or by your social media manager.

Since VAs vary widely in depth of experience, sometimes there can be real crossover between the two, especially after you and your social media VA have worked together for some time. But knowing which type of social media assistant you need before you look for one will help you get exactly the type of help you need. (The difference in what you pay a true social media manager and a social media VA can be a wide gap, too.)

Do you:

  • Want someone to guide you in creating effective social media campaigns,
  • Want to integrate your other marketing strategies (email, SEO, referrals, print, etc.) with social media,
  • Already have an administrative assistant, but social media marketing is not in their skillset?

I recommend hiring a social media consultant to handle the the strategy based on your business goals and manage the assistants to implement the campaign.

A social media consultant would be responsible for:

  • Recommending the most effective social media strategy for your business' goals and objectives,
  • Consulting with you on what your buyers want to know before they hire you,
  • Increasing awareness and reach of your brand on social media,
  • Creating a targeted strategy for your social media content,
  • Ensuring your social media communications reach the most targeted audience possible,
  • And Increasing leads from your social media campaign.

A social media consultant also manages social media assistants —both yours and hers.

For example, each of our clients are assigned a team of assistants from our agency: the Social Media Strategist, a Project Coordinator, the Social Media Manager, and a Social Media Advertiser.

A social media assistant is typically responsible for:

  • Checking and monitoring your social media accounts,
  • Scheduling and uploading posts created by you,
  • Answering common questions on your behalf,
  • And other tasks you assign to him or her.

A social media consultant is the best person to hire when you are serious about developing and implementing an effective social media strategy that will generate leads for your business.

A social media assistant is the best person to hire if you are simply too busy to enter pre-scheduled posts to Hootsuite or Buffer or customize photographs for Pinterest and just want a help with your workload.

Is it time to hire a social media consultant? Here are the signs to look for:

  • You are spending hours on social media every week, leaving money-making tasks undone.
  • You do not have time to create social media tasks to delegate to your assistant.
  • You are inconsistent with maintaining a social media presence, you are not connecting with many people, or you are not attracting your target market.
  • You are not sure which social media sites to focus on and what to post.
  • You absolutely hate using social media. (You find it distracting and a waste of time, even though you know your business needs it.)

If reason number one is your only reason (or your strongest reason), you most likely need to hire an assistant.

If any of the other signs apply to you however, it's time to hire a social media consultant.

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