Hootsuite’s Teams Allow for Dynamic Management

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Hootsuite has a really cool feature that puts it ahead of some other social media management software out there: Teams!

This allows the head administrator of your account to assign tasks to the members of the teams you have created.  

If you're a big company you can create teams that only deal with sales or PR.  If you're in charge of managing the social media of several different businesses, you create a team to manage each.  

You can define your teams any way you like and specify team member privileges.

Despite the teams' cool features, some people are concerned about loss of control and the possibility of shared passwords or misrepresentation.  Well, put your fears to rest, for the folks at Hootsuite have got you covered.  

The account administrator has the power to determine customized permission levels for each team member, deciding who has access to what.

Also, you never have to share passwords with your teams, allowing you to have effective teams without worrying about a security breach.

Hootsuite Team Delegation

Additionally, you need not fear misrepresentation as Hootsuite’s teams allows you to create teams as specific as you need them to be.

This gives you the ability to assign members to the team that fits them best.  

You can rest assured knowing that your best people are working on projects specifically tailored to their specialties and skills.

Teams are further proof that the folks at Hootsuite are committed to creating adaptable software that grows with your changing social media needs.


Source: http://blog.hootsuite.com/hootsuite-teams/


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