Don’t Outsource Your Relationships

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Even if you hate technology, and you outsource your social media maintenance, set aside time each week to interact with your friends, followers and connections yourself.

It's so important that you respond to questions, and do not appear like a robot. While automation is good for some aspects of your social media management, some types of automation will create a situation where everyone is simply ignoring you, hiding you, or deleting you. Engaging with your customers online will help establish a connection with them, and too much automation might get in the way of that.

You will appear more trusting and authentic if you AND your marketing assistant or virtual assistant are doing the interacting. You can have your assistant update Facebook business page and sign each post with his/her initials or name.

Then you can update your personal Facebook profile and at least 2-3 times a week, update your business page yourself and sign your posts with your name.

You'll get more bang for your buck if you combine automation, personal interaction from your assistant AND you personally interacting to socialize, interact, and network too.

Remember to outsource your social media maintenance, but you cannot outsource your relationships.

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