Sample Social Media Marketing Plan


(What is your powerful purpose statement? How do you make a difference in your clients' lives?)

Goals for Social Media

Ex: Manage online reputation, increase visibility and build credibility for the COMPANY as the leader in INDUSTRY in LOCATION through social media networks.
Engage with current clients, increase new & repeat business by # by using a variety of social media sites & email marketing for multiple touchpoints with my community.

Social Media Strategies


  • Reputation Management – “Listen” to what people say on blogs, reviews, comments, Twitter, forums, etc. about COMPANY NAME OR BUSINESS OWNER, as well as INDUSTRY/TARGET MARKET questions. Set up Google Alers & an RSS feed with advanced Twitter search.
  • Integration – Tie online marketing with offline marketing by printing links on business cards, brochures, newsletters, presentations, etc. Also, integrate social media with RSS feeds and management with either HootSuiteor TweetDeck.
  • Expert Education – Build visibility and credibility to both potential clients, current clients and referral sources by posting educational and informational blog posts, questions and answers on Facebook & Twitter, and short 2-5 minute videos on video sites.
  • Effectiveness – Analytic software (Google for web site) or tracking links (HootSuite or are used to measure the popularity of posts & updates. The number of fans & connections are tracked on social media. I will compare my numbers with actual bookings & clients to rate the effectiveness of each tactic.

Site Specific

  • Blog – Setup a WordPress blog on main web site. Can be updated with video or written blog posts. Video or audio posts are around 3-minutes long. Written posts are 150-300-word blog posts. The blog is the hub that the other social media sites link to. Blog & web site must have “call to action” messaging to request more information, purchase a product or book a free consult. The blog is updated ideally 2-3 times per week.
  • LinkedIn – Establish credibility by creating a 100% profile that includes keywords in the summary, web links and job descriptions (accomplishments). Also, request and give recommendations to referral sources and clients. Integrate blog RSS feed and post status updates that only focus on professional accomplishments. LinkedIn status is updated at least 2x per week or integrate Twitter posts to update LinkedIn.
  • Facebook Personal Profile - Connect with close business contacts. Allow Public Subscriptions. Post "behind-the-scenes" updates & personal insights to business.
  • Facebook Business Page – Create a business Facebook page for clients, referral sources & target market. Facebook fans receive in-depth information, event notices, question/answer forum, discussions, etc. Facebook is updated daily, Monday-Friday, ideally between 9am and 4pm. Some Pages also benefit from weekend posts.  Use EdgeRank Checker to determine best type of posts and timing.
  •  Facebook Groups - Use for coaching groups, event planning or masterminds.
  • Twitter – Post daily facts, tips & questions about INDUSTRY/TARGET MARKET, as well as engage in conversation with followers. Twitter is updated daily, Monday-Friday, ideally between 8am and 7pm.
  • YouTube – (And other video sites) Short (less than 4 minutes), informational videos that are also posted on the blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Facebook.

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