Set Up a Facebook Page

Facebook pages allow business owners to connect with fans with no limit to the number of followers. Through your page, fans can connect with one another, as well as indicate to their friends that they’re a fan by clicking the “Like” button.

Here’s how to quickly setup and use a Facebook page!


Step 1: Starting the Process

This will begin the page creation process!


Step 2: Choose a Page Type

Facebook has six different kinds of pages you can choose from. Choose the one that matches your business the best. The Page Type picks a template for the “Info” tab for the Page.

Facebook page types


Step 3: Category, Name and Terms of Service

Once you choose which type of page you’re creating, Facebook will ask you to choose a category and a name for your page.

Don't worry about picking the wrong category – you can change the category anytime. You will also need to agree to their terms of service to create your page.

Facebook page category


Step 4: Add an Image

Your image makes a big difference on the impression people get when they’re browsing your page. Choose one that matches the brand and vibe you want for your business.

Add an image to your Facebook Page


********* Hot Tip *********

Nott Ltd Social Media on Facebook Brand your Page by creating an image that is 180 by 540 pixels (a tall column) that includes your logo, your photo (or a group photo of your staff or of your office), and your tagline.

Be sure to use your company's colors and fonts and match the look of your web site. This creates consistency in your company's branding.

Have your graphic designer quickly create this image for you – it will only take them minutes!

(Or hire Nott Ltd to create a custom Facebook Page for you at a 20% discount. Your membership rate for a custom Facebook page starts at $80.)



Step 5: Edit Your Page’s Info

A lot of people will come to your page looking for basic information like phone numbers, websites, information about you, etc. Here’s how to edit this info.

  • First, click “Edit Info” button in the right-hand corner.

    Facebook Edit Page button


  • Then fill out the information as completely as possible.

    Facebook Page info



********* Hot Tip *********

You would be surprised at how many business' skip this very important step. DO fill this out completely!

Include your mailing address, contact information, and links to your web site and other social media profiles on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Having complete information available does affect your business's credibility!



Step 6: Change Who Can Post

Do you want a wall that everyone can post on? Or just one that you make announcements on? These settings, and others, are defined in the “Manage Permissions” section.

  • First, click “Edit Info” button in the right-hand corner.

    Facebook Edit Page button


  • Click on “Manage Permissions” on the left hand side bar.
  • Change your permissions to reflect the type of page you want to run.

Facebook permissions


********* Hot Tip *********

I recommend most businesses to allow ALL people to be able post on their Page. Transparency and trust is essential to effective social media marketing.

There is a common fear among business owners of negative feedback from the public. The fact is, all types of word-of-mouth marketing, positive and negative, is always happening! Better to know what people are saying and be able to respond, than ignore bad publicity.

Plus, if you provide an excellent services, products and customer service, you have much more positive word-of-mouth versus negative. Give your loyal fans, your community, an opportunity to give you testimonials by being able to post on your page.

(Check out the book, Truth or Delusion: Busting Networking's Biggest Myths by Misner, Macedonio & Garrison for more information on word-of-mouth marketing.)



Step 7: Invite Friends to Like Your Page

Once your page is setup, why not ask your friends to join? This is a great springboard for getting your first fans.

  • To do so, click the “Invite Friends” link on the right.


    Facebook Invite Friends

  • Change the drop-down in the left-corner of the pop-up window from "Recent Interactions" to "Search All Friends".
  • Choose the friends you want to suggest the page to and click “Submit”.


********* Hot Tips *********

Instead of having to click on each person's picture, use the Chrome browser (it's free to download) and install the Facebook Super Select All extension.

Then using Chrome, go to your Facebook page and when you click on the "Invite Friends" link, you'll see an option to enter a number for how many people you can invite to like the page.

Enter a number and it will select that number of friends.

Facebook Invite Friends popup

This no longer sends an email to your friends, if they choose to not get emails from Facebook. Most will only get a notification (the red numbers that show up in the top left corner in Facebook).


The best way to invite your contacts to like your page is to include your Facebook link in your email newsletter. Another way is to email or message friends INDIVIDUALLY.


Register a username & create a short URL for your Page. (There is no longer a minimum number of likes to get your username.)

Go to & enter your Page name to start the process.

Email or message this short link to your Page to your contacts.

Note: The username is PERMANENT. Choose wisely & double check the spelling.



Step 8: Posting Status Updates

Now that your page is up and ready, you can post status updates the same way you would on your own personal Facebook wall or any other page’s wall.

Facebook Page status


Congratulations! It’s that easy to setup and use your own Facebook page. You can go from beginning the process to the end in less than 30 minutes!

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