Add a Comment Box on Your Web Site

Did you know that you can put a Facebook comment box on just about any web page on the internet? All you need to do is copy a bit of code from Facebook.

Adding commenting to your sites adds interaction between users. It also creates more of a sense of community, because people know they’re not the only ones using your site. It creates more credibility and social proof.

Here’s how to add a comment box to any page on your website!


Step 1: Copy the Page URL to Your Clipboard

  • Navigate to your page’s URL. Copy the URL to your clipboard.

Facebook Page link


Step 2: Click Edit Page

  • Click the “Edit Page” button near the top right of your Page to access the control panel.

Facebook Edit Page button


Step 3: Navigate to the Comments Plugin

  • Click on “Resources” in the left hand side bar.

Facebook Page Resources

  • Click on “Use Social Plugins.”

Facebook Page social plugins

  • Finally, click on “Comments.”

Facebook Page Comment Plugin


Step 4: Paste the URL into the URL Box

  • Paste the URL we copied in Step 1 into the “URL to comment on” box.

Facebook Page URL Box

Change the rest of the settings to reflect how you want the site to look. The “Number of posts” chooses how many posts to show, in addition to the comment box. The width is the width and the color scheme determines how the comment box will look.


Step 5: Preview and Get Code

Once you’ve selected all your settings, Facebook will automatically create a comment box below the settings to give you a preview of how everything will look.

If the comment box looks the way you want it to, click “Get Code.”

Facebook Page Comment code


Step 6: Copy and Upload the Code

Facebook will pop up a box with the HTML code for the comment box.

Facebook Ad Comment code

Copy and paste this code into your HTML editor and upload it.

The code will automatically create a comment box that’s linked back to your page – and you are done!

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