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Starting with Your MindsetLast week, I had the pleasure to host a business class taught by my coach, Diane Fleck.  Diane is the CEO of The Learning Cafe, a resource for small businesses, a business coach & an intuitive astrologer.  Her class was titled “What’s the missing link in your business strategy for 2010?”


We learned that even if a practitioner has the best plan, the best intention & the best vision to build a magnificent practice, if there’s a little voice inside his/her head that says “I can’t really do that,” “That’s too big of a dream” or even “I want it in the future; I’m just too busy to do that now,” that practitioner will not succeed in their business.


At first that sounds harsh.  My mind says “What do you mean I won’t succeed?  I’m really trying & I really want this.  But it’s not the right time.”  What Diane reminded me was we must be & we must do in the present.  If you’re familiar with affirmations, you have heard to always say them in present tense. “I am wealthy” or “I do have a full practice” are a couple of examples.


So if your mind says “I can’t do that,” “That’s too big of a dream” or “I’m too busy,” then the Universe, like a genie says, “As you wish” & what you have thought (consciously or subconsciously) becomes your reality.


So what’s the missing link?  Your mindset.

Your present creates your future.  So what are you doing right now?

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