7 Blog Posts on How to Stop Competing on Price

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Today starts my 22-blog challenge. In my previous post, I highlighted an infographic that gave 22 ideas on creating compelling content.

I took a slightly "niche" take on Idea #1, and featured my favorite posts on a top complaint I hear from small business owners:

"I'm not the cheapest, but I am one of the best. How can I compete with other businesses that are discounting their services?"


Stop Discounting and Differentiate From Your Competition


1. The #1 Marketing Secret Revealed: Price Doesn’t Matter! by Carolyn Higgins, Fortune Marketing Company

This is the perfect blog post to start our list. Carolyn shares a powerful secret for small business owners -- it's not about price!

Customers will shop on price if they have no other way of differentiating you from your competition.

Price isn't an issue when you provide the best solution to their problem.


2. Why Customer Pain Is Your Most Important Resource by Jon Burgstone & Bill Murphy, Jr.

This article gives three steps in finding your customer's problem or pain points. The first step is:

Can you describe the pain your company solves--and why anyone should care--in just a few words?

If you can't, the FastCompany post gives two more steps to work on. And if you would like to get faster results, check out Differentiate & Dominate on November 7th in Concord, CA >>.


3. Cheaper Competitor? 5 Ways to Fight Back by Geoffrey James

When you're selling against a lower-priced competitor, you have two choices: discount or differentiate.

Don't submit yourself to the pressure of discounting your services to get a customer. Here are five tips to differentiate yourself from your competitors.


4. How To Stand Out From The Crowd by Marie Forleo

Talk about standing out from the crowd -- I LOVE Marie Forleo. Marie gives her five tips to stand out when other people do the same thing you do.


5. Emotionally Charged Connection® by Eddie Esposito & Dr. Ivan Misner®

Expanding on Marie's first step, sharing your "why," why you do what you do, creates a personal connection with your ideal customers. They will relate to your story, be loyal to your business, and choose to work with you over someone they don't know. Differentiate yourself and be the only choice through your Emotionally Charged Connection®.


6. Facebook Marketing: How To Balance Personal and Professional by Mari Smith

This may seem like an unusual pick for a list of how to stop competing on price. But once you've created your boundary of what you share on your personal profile and your business page, you can rally your network to share your message and refer your business to their friends. Forget the old paradigm of work having to be a separate entity from your life. Do business with those they trust, like and know, and yes, even with your Facebook friends. That personal connection trumps price any day.


7. A Surefire Way to Differentiate From Your Competitors by Jill Konrath

I love this take on how to differentiate yourself during your sales appointment. When you come from a place of service and meet your prospect to see how you can help them, you will stand out from competitors who just care about getting the sale.



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