Strategies for LinkedIn Group Success for Business Coaches

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There are almost 1.5 billion LinkedIn groups, so if you're thinking of starting your own LinkedIn Group, you will have to work strategically to propel your group to the top of its niche.

And that is the first step -- pick a niche or target market. The trick is picking a specific niche and still have a large enough audience to make it work the work and attract potential clients for

The next step is to ensure it becomes and stays active, and attracts valuable members by contributing to the group daily.

On a daily basis:

  • Make posts.
  • Answer questions.
  • Ask them.
  • Create polls.
  • Share resources.

Other tips that can really boost your group power and attract new members:

  • Contribute to LinkedIn Answers
  • Invite top influencers for your group topic/niche
  • Announce it separately on your other forums and social networks
  • Build a “content library” for your group to access and use. This can include
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Infographics
    • Webinars
    • Blog posts
    • Directory articles

Be sure to keep your content relevant to your group’s mandate – don’t let members wander off on tangents. Publish and re-purpose your content, as well as cross-promoting your group, via other social media networking sites.

Other tactics include creating Subgroups of your group. For example, say you had created the location-based “California Business Coaches” group: You could create subgroups to attract members looking to network with their colleagues using names such as “Marketing Coaches”, “Productivity Coaches”, “Sales Coaches” and so on.

LinkedIn Subgroups

One of the most powerful strategies you can use is participating in “LinkedIn Answers” – that will help get your group out there in the LinkedIn-public eye more quickly than any other strategy.

Another tip: Use Quora to publicize your group. Quora functions largely as a question-and-answer site and its big advantage over Yahoo answers lies in the fact that questions tend to be less general and more focused on business topics.

Use Quora to Promote LinkedIn Group

If you have chosen an “open” group, do watch out for spam: It can be a problem. Remove it straight away (another reason for checking your group daily). Your group’s content quality is crucial to its reputation.

As your group grows, you can add co-administrators (LinkedIn calls them “managers”). Don’t forget good old Google Analytics to help with your tracking.
And never, ever try to steal members from other groups. This is the worst mistake you could ever make. (Instead, cross-promote similar groups! Be generous!)

Finally, be sure to track and measure the results your group generates. One of LinkedIn’s biggest advantages is its powerful Metrics, so use them.

LinkedIn Groups offer a powerful way to build your niche and industry reputation, as well as make valuable new connections – and leads.
You’ve taken your first step towards a more focused future. Don’t neglect this powerful resource and opportunity

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