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Excellence is a not an act, but a habit.J.T. O'Donnell, CEO of CAREEREALISM Media, wrote an article on 10 things she does every work day to grow her career and her business.

It inspired me to write about my daily ritual.

I read a great tip somewhere that in order to achieve your goals, we must create habits that support that goal -- success habits.

Honestly, I don't get to every task every day. And that's ok. I'm moving forward, each step closer to my goal and enjoying the journey along the way.

So, here's my list:

  1. Review my goals and plans.
  2. Complete 3 money-generating actions.
  3. Complete actions due today.
  4. Help at least one of my Top 10 Referral Sources.
  5. Stay in touch with at least 2 people in my database.
  6. Respond to all client emails and social media interactions.
  7. Read an industry-related article and share it on my blog.
  8. You've probably noticed that posting on social media (besides my blog), is not a daily success habit for me. And that's because I have my own social media manager who makes sure my sites are updated on a daily basis. I just choose to respond personally to any comments I receive, plus interact with people and companies I'm following.

    I use the free version of Habit Streak on Android to keep track of my how often I complete my success habits. (There's a version for iPhone too.)



    What's on your list of daily success habits?



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