How I Scaled My Business to 6-Figures+ in 6 Steps

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This past year, I've been focusing on scaling my business. I was tired of constantly making just below $100k each year, and I decided that 2015 was the year that I would finally break through my money ceiling. Here's how I did it:

1. Changed My Mindset

My first step was getting over my own limiting mindset. I can say that I'll make six-figures, but I would conveniently get busy with unproductive activities and self-sabotage my efforts.

To get over myself, I started a daily meditation, affirmation, and visualization practice. I also have monthly sessions with my energy & NLP practitioner, Lisa Ferrer, to speed up the process.

2. Hired the Right Coach

We're blessed and possibly cursed to have so many choices of coaches in the Bay Area! Talk to a coach with integrity to discuss your needs and give you an overall business assessment.

Need a referral? I've worked with the top coaches to help me with sales, systems, scaling, and hiring. It's important that I hired a coach that not only is successful in business but also enjoyed a lifestyle I wanted and had similar core values.

3. Increased My Rates

Part of changing my mindset was knowing my worth. I've been discounting my knowledge and expertise because of my fear of not getting the clients I wanted. The funny thing is, as I increased my rates, I brought in incredible clients I love working with. I love my business even more, I've increased our profit, and I was able to implement the next step.

6-Figure Business

5. Hired for Talent and Attitude

Notice that I said "talent" and not skills. I realized that when I hired someone with the skills I needed, like "social media" skills, it was never at the standard I wanted. I would have to train them anyway.

Instead, I started hiring for talents and attitudes like "proactive", "problem solver," and "comfortable learning new technology". To train my team, I used a screen recorder to record everything I did, and I explained why it was important.

Then I trusted them to do the job I hired them to do, teaching and correcting along the way. I never expected them to do everything the same as I did. They brought their own ideas to the table, increasing our creativity power, and it freed me up to...

6. Leverage My Marketing Time

I don't know about you, but I cannot work 24/7. I'd rather work smarter, not harder by leveraging online marketing and referral marketing. I love being able to go on vacation and come back with closed deals in my inbox.


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