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It seemed a bit careless of Facebook to previously allow all Admins of a Facebook Page full control of that Page. Admins could even delete your Page without your permission!

Now Facebook has created specific roles for Admins that you can pick and choose, all with different types of access. This makes it so much easier to outsource your Facebook Page updates, both in security and what you prefer to outsource.

To update your Admin roles, go to Edit -> Admin Roles

Edit Facebook Admin Roles

You can either edit an existing Admin and change their role or create a new Admin and specify their role. You can choose from Manage, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser, Insights Analyst.

Choose a Facebook Admin Role

For a detailed definition of each of role, review the Facebook official help file or use the chart below:

Facebook Admin Role Chart

Set yourself as the Manager for your Page. I suggest having a second Manager, just in case you get locked out of your Facebook account. It could be your spouse, business partner, attorney, mother... someone you completely trust.

If you want to have an assistant to help you keep your Page updated with new posts, make them a Content Creator.

If you only want your assistant to monitor the comments, delete spam, and answer questions, choose Moderator.

If you have an outside agency creating and monitoring your Facebook Ads, give them access as an Advertiser.

And finally, if you'd like to assign someone else the fun task of analyzing your statistics, give them a very limited role of Insights Analyst.


These new Roles make it easier to delegate the administrative duties in social media marketing and allows you be the CEO of your company.


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2 thoughts on “Outsource Your Facebook Page Updates with Admin Roles

  1. Gail, thanks so much for this! I love it when someone who knows what she’s looking at distills it for the rest of us! This is going straight into use, and I’ll be sharing it with my clients!

    1. Glad to help Allison! It’s a useful tool. Now if only Facebook can improve their scheduling options!

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