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Facebook Groups can be a great way to network with your colleagues, potential referral sources and even a way to attract potential clients. Here are five tips to get the most out of them.

1. Search for Facebook Groups by Keywords

Enter your keyword into the general search bar at the top of Facebook. For example, if you specialize in anxiety, enter "anxiety," click on "See more results..."

Find the Right Facebook Group

and click on "Groups" in the left-side.

Searching for a Facebook Group

If no group results come up (for example, you get lists of "Pages" instead of "Groups") just add the word "group" to your search keyword.

Facebook Group Keywords


2. Join a Facebook Group

Click on the "Join Group" buttons for the groups you want to check out.

You'll also see that some groups are "open" and some are "closed".

If a group is open, anyone can join.

If it is closed, it’s a private group and members have to be added or invited.

And then there are "secret" groups, which don't even show up in search results.

Some groups require you to wait for approval; others don't.


3. Decide if the Facebook Group Fits Your Goals

When you first join a Facebook group, decide if it's the right fit of your goals of networking or client attraction. Some will not be active and others will feel spammy.

Before introducing yourself to any group, read the guidelines. They're usually in the group description or in one of the files. Take note of and observe these.

Is the description of the group in alignment with your goals? Take a look at the members. Do you know some of them? These will clue you in to not only what specific type of group it is, but also whether or not this is a genuine, active group.


4. Be Aware of The Group's Culture

In an online group, you don't have the luxury of observing people's body language, hearing nuances in their tones of voice, and watching facial expressions the way you would in an offline, physical-location group.

Instead, you get to know group members through:

  • Profile photos
  • Post types
  • Online habits (for example "Mary Ellen's playing devil's advocate again"; "Rosita always posts inspiring quotes")
  • How they speak. Are they respectful? Argumentative? Touchy? Positive? Chatty? To the point?

5. Be an Active Participant

Contribute to your groups' discussions by posting questions, relevant content, and commenting on other members' posts. If you are an active participant, the occasional promotional post will be welcomed by the members as well.


Are you a member of a Facebook Group? Which ones do you recommend? Do you have any tips you would add to network in a Facebook Group? I'd love to hear your tips in the comments below.

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