[Infographic] What is Facebook EdgeRank?

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EdgeRank is the algorithm Facebook uses to calculate which posts appear on a user's News Feed.

EdgeRank is made up of three factors:

  1. Affinity
  2. Weight
  3. and Time Decay


Affinity measures the relationship between a user and the person (or Page) who made the post. The more the user interacts with the person or Page, the higher the Affinity score.



Each type of post has a different weight, or importance, in EdgeRank. Photos & videos weigh higher than links, which are higher than text status updates.


Time Decay

Users... and EdgeRank favor newer posts. That way fresh content shows up on Facebook users' NewsFeed.


Take all three factors in mind when posting on your Facebook Page. Encourage engagement with your posts by posting questions and call-to-actions, such as, "Like," "Share," and "Comment". Find or create relevant photos and videos, and mix them with links to your blog posts and text updates. And finally, keep your content fresh, posting at least once a day.




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