Increase Your Facebook Likes with Great Content

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Here are a few different content strategies you can use to increase engagement and sharing on your Facebook Page.

  • Upload a video. Videos that are funny, shocking or highly information get shared much more often than text. Tag yourself and any other people or businesses involved in the video so that more people see your posts.
  • Run a contest. Make sure the contest involves getting people to like your page or share your page with their friends as part of the process.
  • Give away a free report for liking your Page. The report can get passed around by people, who’ll in turn come to your page and join your follower base. You can use a free template from ShortStack or another third party app.
  • Create a posting schedule for yourself. Post regularly, at least daily. The more often you post, the more likely you are to show up in people’s feeds.
  • Vary your tone. Post something controversial one day, then something strictly informational the next. Follow that with something comedic, then something almost off topic.
  • Always keep your ideal clients in mind when writing your posts. Aim to provide value with everything you do on your Facebook page. Many of Facebook’s fastest growing pages grow completely organically with no promotion, simply from the value they provide.

Actively cultivate your user base, entice people to join and get fans to share your content.

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