How Often Should I Post on Facebook & Twitter?

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That's the second most asked question I hear. So here's the answer!

On your Facebook Page -- once a day! Yes, for most small businesses, that's it!

Here's the catch: it's got to be a great, engaging, visual post. Try to always upload a photo or post a video, along with the update. What makes it engaging? Funny, shocking, motivating, inspirational and/or provocative questions get the most responses. When you post a question, if you want people to answer, make it a simple answer. Otherwise, people will think it's rhetorical and not leave a comment.

For Twitter -- you can post up to once an hour! I know -- that's a lot! Use a scheduler like HootSuite & it takes about 30 minutes to choose & schedule about 10 posts per day. If that does not fit into your schedule, then spend 10 minutes & schedule out 4 tweets per day.

Experiment with what works best for you & your audience. Try different types of posts. Think of what your ideal clients need. Do they need to be inspired? Do they need a reminder to have confidence in themselves? Do they need a tip to keep them focused on their dreams?

Finally, be willing to go outside your comfort zone. Social media may be outside your comfort zone. Posting daily (or hourly on Twitter) may be uncomfortable, annoying & even frustrating. Maybe one of your posts did not get any likes and it's disappointing. These are all wonderful experiences because you learn something new each time!

For me, my uncomfortable moment happened when I recently posted this. You may not know this, but I get easily grossed out! lol! And this photo is not something I would usually post.

But I saw an opportunity. I immediately thought how this moment is like my industry. I knew it was funny & shocking & it would capture my audience's attention.

So I went for it. I posted it on my page & shared it on my personal Timeline (profile).

Now, it isn't my most shared or viral post I've ever made, but I noticed something different about this post --

People I don't know, were commenting on my post! How cool is that?

That's the type of reaction to go for. Keep playing, keep experimenting with your posts & not only will it speak to your current audience & it'll get noticed by their friends... and the buzz begins!

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