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Have you seen Facebook’s updated  “Find Friends Browser“? Facebook rolled out this new design at the end of last November.

It now features larger profile photos and easy ways to search for friends by hometown, current city, schools, employer, and mutual friends.  Plus, it has a link to quickly add someone as a friend, instead of needing to mouseover the picture for the link to pop up.

Also,  similar to the News Feed & Walls, the page will automatically expand and show more content (in this case, more possible friends) as you scroll down.

Find Friends on Facebook

Careful — this can be a time trap.  You can spend hours looking for an old classmate or co-worker.

Instead of getting lost in that oblivion, set a goal for how many people you want to add, how you are going to target them and how much time you are willing to spend.


Remember your own privacy boundaries; you are adding them to your personal profile.

Set the timer & start growing your Facebook personal network!

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