Facebook Limits Number of People You Can Invite to an Event

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It's time to promote that teleclass! Quick -- what was that Chrome extension that invites all your Facebook friends? A few clicks, and you've just invited a thousand plus people.

If you haven't done it, you know someone who has. And when done tastefully and selectively, invite all of your Facebook friends was a great way to promote your upcoming event.

As of April 2013, Facebook limits how many people can be invited to an event. Originally, there was a set number of how many invites you can send at a time, and when you would get blocked.


But when I checked on April 14th, Facebook removed the exact numbers and changed the policy and made it more vague. Facebook no longer gives an exact number of how many people you can invite, but it warns you may be blocked if people aren't responding or RSVP'ing "No" to your event.


So what's a workshop leader to do?

Here are 5 tips to effectively promote your event:

  1. Be selective on who you invite.Select people who are more likely to attend, your ideal clients, people who live in the area of the event, etc.
  2. Budget at least $5 for an Advertised Post.Post a photo or logo of the event, with an enticing title & link to register. Then click on Advertise Post (used to be called Promoted Post). You'll get a guaranteed number of views.
  3. Analyze your results.Take a look at your analytics. Are enough people seeing your posts, clicking through, and signing up? Do you need a better photo, better copy, a better landing page? If you have a marketing or business coach, ask them for feedback.
  4. Promote your event through other channels.Don't just post on Facebook and hope someone will sign-up. Post on other social media sites, send emails, & remember the power of a personal invitation. It takes more time & effort, and you'll see you'll get the highest return from it.
  5. Ask for help.Ask your strategic alliances to help you promote the event & personally invite their contacts too.


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