Twitter Celebrates Its 8th Birthday with #FirstTweet

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Twitter is celebrating its 8th birthday with a new site where you can discover the very first thing you tweeted. You can also search other accounts to find their first tweets.

My #FirstTweet is probably what everyone thinks the first time!

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Follow @GailNott on Twitter

Twitter's campaign is a great example of involving your online audience in your company's celebrations. Think about your own business. What do you have coming up?

Are you launching a new service? Hiring a new employee? Celebrating a milestone anniversary?

Next, brainstorm ideas on how to get others involved. Where do you have the largest, most engaged audience? What's a popular activity to do on that site?

For example, if your largest and most engaged audience is on Facebook, you could create an Event and invite all of your fans. Ask them to post their favorite photos of what you do and invite their friends.

If your best audience is on LinkedIn, create a group, invite your clients, vendors, and staff, and create a networking community to serve them.

Involving your online community into your company's celebrations help form a lasting bond with quality clients you love to serve.


Find your first tweet here:

And Happy Birthday Twitter!


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