Save Time on Posting to Social Media by Knowing Your Clients’ Needs

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Social media doesn't have to be a time suck.  With a little bit of planning and knowing what your clients want to learn ahead of time, you can schedule your social media posts in less than an hour a week.


First, keep these questions in mind:


  1. What are their concerns before they need your services?
  2. What problems are they facing?
  3. When they wake up in the morning, what do they worry about?


What are your clients' Top 10 FAQ's?

Next, write down the Top 10 questions your prospects and clients always ask you.  For example, my clients ask me these questions:

  • How can I save time on social media?
  • Where do I start?
  • How do I get clients from social media?
  • Do I really have to use social media for my business?
  • and so on...


Finally, when you're scheduling your posts, keep these questions in mind as you schedule one tip a day.  You can mix these tips in with other types of posts that are part of your content strategy plan.


By knowing what solutions your prospects are looking for, you'll earn their trust.  And once you've earned their trust, you will have the opportunity to enroll to be a client.


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