Constant Contact Adds Unlimited Autoresponders

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One of the features I didn't like in Constant Contact, besides a temperamental WYSIWYG, was that you were limited to only one autoresponder series. That limits the ability to automate your email lead nurturing, as well as decreases the effectiveness of segmenting your list. Both of which are important to a strategic online marketing campaign.

This morning, Constant Contact sent an announcement to their Solution Providers that they have updated their features and you can not only create an unlimited number of autoresponder series, you can have an unlimited number of emails in that series.

Constant Contact Autoresponder Series

This is great news for my clients who prefer using Constant Contact for their email marketing. I look forward to helping them implement new online marketing strategies.

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2 thoughts on “Constant Contact Adds Unlimited Autoresponders

  1. Hi Gail –

    I’ve been using constant contact for years and just recently purchased a year with a weber soley for the auto responder capabilities. I’ve been too overwhelmed by the prospect of shifting my lists/templates over to a weber so I’ve continued using Constant Contact.

    Now i see they’ve added autos ponders at CC and I’m tempted to just kiss that $200 I spent with a weber goodbye and stick with CC.

    Any thoughts in a side by side comparison of the two services at this point?


    1. Hi Jill! Great question. I haven’t used Aweber a lot. I’ve heard from designers that it’s difficult to create custom templates in Aweber. If CC has all that you need, I’d suggest sticking with it for your autoresponders too.

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