7 Ways to Get the Most of Your Marketing Content and Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert

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Creating content is often the most difficult part of online marketing. We know our business and we know what we want to say… yet taking the time to put it down on “paper” without getting stuck on editing and self-criticism can be challenging.

Once you have gone through all the hard work of writing a great article, get the most of out it by strategically using this content over again and again -- otherwise called, Repurposing.

Get the most out of your marketing investment, both time and money, by leveraging what you have already created into different formats both offline and online.

Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your content:

1. Post Your Article On Your Website

This may seem like a no-brainer, but just in case, make sure this is done first. Your article can be used as a blog post, added to your FAQ’s, or added as an additional web page. Ask your web developer or marketing coach for advice on the best place to add the content on your website.

2. Send an Email Newsletter

Stay top of mind with your email list, the people who are mostly likely to buy from you (and repeatedly), by emailing them twice a month. One email can have a short update and current promotion. Your other email can include the first portion of your article with a link back to your website to read the rest.

This strategy gets them to your blog where they can take further action, including sharing your post with their contacts, or buy one of your products or services.

3. Post the Link to Your Content in a LinkedIn or Facebook Group

Find appropriate social media groups that include your target market, potential strategic alliances, or people in your industry in other locations. By sharing helpful information, you will brand yourself as an expert in your field, as well as a helpful marketer.

4. Create a PDF or Handout of Your Article

Keep handouts available for your local customers, or when you are in front of prospects. Each article can have a blurb at the end with a complimentary offer to increase your email list, traffic to your location, or more calls from prospective buyers.

5. Create Social Media Posts

Small business owners can easily setup their own social media profiles, but then what? Social media marketing is only effective if consistent, relevant information reaches your targeted audience.
Break up your content into soundbites for social media and add appropriate images and hashtags to increase your reach.

6. Create a Slideshow

Split up your content into slides, add graphics, and you can create a slideshow to upload to SlideShare or even use in a workshop or presentation.

7. Create an Infographic

Infographics, visual representations of facts, do not have to be about statistics. They can be created to feature tips, a list, or steps. In fact, every point of your article can be a section on an infographic. Hire a graphic designer to create one for you or use a site like Piktograph to create your own.

8. Record a Podcast or Radio Station

Use your content as the main focus for a podcast or radio station. You can read your article like a script, or use it as starting point for discussion with guests on your show.

9. Record a Video

Similar to an audio recording, you can use your article as a script on a teleprompter and create a video blog (vlog). You can also use the slideshow you created and record voiceover audio. Use software like Camtasia or Animoto to combine the two files.

10. Create an eCourse to Grow Your Email List

Take your content and split it into chunks to create an ecourse. Add details, images, examples, or stories to each section to lengthen the course.

Use an email program that has a “marketing automation” feature to automate your eCourse. Once a person signs up, the program will automatically send them each lesson at the pace you setup. Popular lead generation software like Hubspot and Infusionsoft have this option, as well as Mailchimp.

11. Bundle Your Content Into a Kindle Book, Report, or Self-Published Book

Once you have a collection of related articles, gain the most credibility as an industry expert by publishing a book. Choose the right format, hire an editor, a book layout designer, and if needed, a publisher.

These are only a handful of suggestions on how you can leverage your content Every time you write an article, use it as many ways as you can to increase your visibility and credibility as a thought leader and industry expert.

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