When Should I Post on Facebook?

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A question that’s trending right now is how frequently should small businesses post on Facebook. Something that might be helpful for you to do when considering this question is to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never heard of your business before.  If you were to land on a business’ Facebook page and saw that they hadn’t posted anything in days or weeks, what kind of impression would that leave you with? If you’re like most people it probably doesn’t leave you with the feeling that the business cares all that much about its own Facebook page. If that’s the case, what does this say about the business itself and its relationship with its customers?

So, as Gail has mentioned in a past blog post, you should post on Facebook at least once a day, and this post should be engaging.  That means a picture, video or conversation-generating prompt.  As important as posting every day is, it’s not the only thing to consider when you’re planning your posts.

Always remember who your audience is.  Are they people who work during the day and check their Facebooks in the evening after work, or are they early risers and check it before leaving for the office? Or are they able to check it periodically throughout the day?  Experiment with the time of day that you post and evaluate which time seems to get the most response.  Still, though, be wary of becoming set in your ways and always allow for flexibility, just keep in mind what your research has told you.

If you sit down to post something and several ideas hit you all at once, you can conveniently schedule out your posts.  You can schedule the entire week’s posts in 20 minutes.  That means you don’t necessarily have to be up for those early morning posts.  You can rest easy knowing that Facebook’s got your back for those early risers.

Keep the conversation going, and this will reassure your audience that there are real people behind your business.  Real people who actually care about their clients and customers.

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