Triberr: What Is It and Why Use It?

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Triberr is a “Reach Multiplier” that creates communities of like-minded individuals who support each other by sharing eachother’s blogposts with their audiences.  This allows your content to potentially reach a larger audience than you might be able to do on your own.  Each Tribe is headed by a Chief who is able to moderate who joins the Tribe.  This keeps the groups comprised of people who will find each other’s blogposts valuable.  Because most Tribes are “invite only,” it is important to get to know the members of the Tribe in order to secure an invite.  This is done most easily by commenting on Tribe member posts and interacting with members on Twitter.  If you make it known that you are interested in joining the Tribe and have proved yourself to be like-minded and a producer or quality content, most Chiefs will welcome you.  As a member you can take advantage of the shared central feed where members can answer questions and host discussions.  This fosters mutually beneficial relationships between bloggers.

When Tribe members post new blogposts, they are automatically imported to Triberr through an RSS feed connected to the Tribe.  From here members can easily view everyone’s new content and decide what would be of interest to their respective audiences.  Members can then share posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other similar platforms. Also, in a similar fashion as Hootsuite or Facebook, you can schedule your posts throughout the day to avoid accidentally spamming.

From Triberr’s home feed you can comment on any blogpost and expect your comment to show on its original site.  You can also view your post’s stats. How many fellow Tribe members have shared it or reposted it on their sites, how many click-throughs it’s generated, etc. These links are all conveniently located for each of your uploaded posts.

Triberr’s goal is to benefit followers by sharing quality content and saving you time so you don’t have to go directly to individual blogs looking for that content.  It connects people who write about similar topics and helps you view all their fresh content in one place.

All of this aside, here is something to keep in mind when using Triberr: the “Noise” factor.  It all comes down to the Manual vs. Automated debate.  The downside of full automation is that sometimes your followers are inundated with content that they don’t really care about, regardless of the fact that the original poster is a part of your Tribe.  I’d challenge you to find someone who consistently posts blogs that everyone in your Tribe will always find relevant.  I would strongly recommend that you keep a close eye on the content your Tribe is generating and sharing by changing your settings to Manual.  This gives you the assurance that everything you share with your followers has been personally vetted.

Lastly, I would encourage you to alter your mindset before signing up for Triberr.  It is tempting to be consumed by their promise of an expanded reach for your content.  For the most part they do deliver on this, but instead, consider the point of it all: finding quality content for your audience.  On this point Triberr provides excellently.  As exciting as it is to see your content reach millions of people, Triberr will be most beneficial to you if you keep it focused on the benefit of others. If you do this, the rest will naturally follow.



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