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Blogging ChallengeBy Shivie Cook

In July 2011 I participated in the Ultimate Blog Challenge to blog every day for July. I can’t even remember how I found out about it, at that time I had never even heard of such a thing as a blog challenge! But I saw it somewhere and it called to me.

Previously I have blogged. Erratically and with “novel-esque’ sized posts (think 1500-2000 words.) I have a lot to say! The problem with that is two-fold: first, it takes time to write such posts, even if you write like me with a conscious stream of thought, and secondly, people do not have time to read a novel when they stop by your blog.

By doing the challenge I turned something that was challenging to me, i.e. posting regularly into a personal challenge to blog daily. How cool is that? And it worked!

I took the challenge seriously. It was not about playing by the rules of the challenge but more about keeping an agreement I made with myself, honoring it if you will.

I feel that oftentimes we, or at least I often, have a problem keeping agreements with myself even though I am very good at keeping ones made with others.

Can you relate to that? It's so easy to cancel your own appointments with yourself: think working out, better eating habits, blogging daily etc.

I am slowly realizing that when we dis-honor our agreements with ourselves it only leads to the slippery road of self-sabotage. Not a good road to travel.

Come hell or high water, no matter what my schedule, I had my post published on my site and on various Facebook pages by midnight. In fact, one day I was so busy that I only thought about my post at
11.47pm. I quickly opened word and got to writing. It was posted by 11.59pm.

Once again I had honored my agreement with myself and it felt good, very good.

Through the process of blogging I have a litany of things I learned but the most potent lesson was honoring agreements with myself, and feeling good about it.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that when the end of July neared I decided to extend the challenge to a personal challenge to blog daily for the month of August. And once again, as I sit here, I have honored
that agreement with myself.

So far I have written 43 posts in 43 days and have done 2 guest blogging posts. This is more than I did in the previous two years! It is amazing what can happen in a month where consistent small steps lead to a bigger success.

How about you? Are you a regular blogger or does your blog get cold between your visits? Do you keep making promises to yourself that you will blog more regularly yet find life getting in the way?

Tune into Part II to see the 7 things I learned during the challenge and beyond. I look forward to hearing about your blogging routine.

Shivie CookShivie Cook and Cemaaj Butler are the founders of, a lifestyle coaching business to "ignite the spark within" and guide individuals toward living the life they love and deserve.

Shivie's corporate background as an international lawyer in New York/England, and Cemaaj's experience running a management company means they are both well versed in what it takes to make the leap into living a life "on purpose and with passion": and the mindset shift required for the person to achieve that success.

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