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As Facebook phases out the old Groups, admins have to choose between creating a Page or use the new Groups.  I wrote a post last year that if you don’t want to be kept a secret, businesses should choose a Page over a Group.
But what if you do want to keep something a secret?
I just launched my Community Connection Club for coaches, workshop leaders & entrepreneurs who want to create buzz and build online communities of loyal fans.  While my full membership site is being completed, I needed a secure place for my members to connect, as well as a place to post special blog posts with my insider secrets and biz-work assignments.
So I created a Group for my members and I’m using its online document editor, which is similar to an online version of Microsoft Word, to create my blog posts.

The Community Connection Club Blog

Are you currently using a Facebook Group for your business?  If not, do you think you’ll have a use for it in the future?

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2 thoughts on “Super Secret Blogs

  1. Yes, I recently set up three Facebook Groups and it was one of the best things I ever did to free up some of my time. Because people in my organization knew me as the trainer/expert, they would email me often asking me questions. Since creating the Closed Groups, now people are asking the same questions inside the Group, and other members are answering them and sharing their knowledge. The group is fairly new, but there’s over 800 people in one group, 650 in another, and 150+ in the third. I highly recommend setting up groups if you have a common interest with others that can benefit all members.

  2. I’m using the Groups feature for my Sorority Alumnae group. We’ve been talking about doing a Page instead but haven’t done it yet. We’ll see….

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