Don’t Take On Too Much When Starting Your Social Media

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Social Media BurnoutI love this post from the "Dumb Little Man" blog on Seven Great Ways to Make Your Good Intentions Last by Ali Luke.

I think we all start out with good intentions to get on Facebook, start blogging, start Twittering, and Pinterest, and every other social media site out there.  We might even have a strategy and a plan, but life happens.

So if you're in that throes of social media burnout -- it's ok!  We've all been there, including myself (many, many times).




The important thing is to get back on it and start again.  Check out Ali's suggestions & I recommend start with her first tip:

#1: Don’t Take On Too Much


Start with short one paragraph blogs first thing in the morning.  (Or last thing at night like what I'm doing right now.)

We don't need a novel, a dissertation, a video, or even a photo. At least not right now.  Just get going.

Start communicating through your fingers.  The world wants to hear your voice.


Do you have a blog you just started?  Leave a link to your blog in the comments below!

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