4 Things I Learned From the Ultimate Blog Challenge

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Blogging ChallengeBy Shivie Cook

In my previous post I shared that I undertook a blog challenge to post daily for the month of July. Today I would like to share the 7 things I learned by undertaking this challenge:

“Blogiquette:” ok, I made that word up but who knew there was an etiquette to blogging. Really you might ask? Yes! Good bloggers not only write their own blog they go to other blogs and read posts and comment. If they love the post they also retweet and share on FaceBook, along with other Social Media forums.

By doing so not only do they “see” what others are writing about and maybe have sparks of inspiration but the owners of the blog they comment on are likely to go and check out the commenter’s blog. I made lots of friends this way that have kept in touch post challenge. It creates traffic and feedback, but more importantly a sense of community. A win-win for all!


Honoring My Agreements: As I mentioned in the first post, this was the biggest lesson for me. I made a commitment and I kept to it. Two weeks into the challenge I decided it was working so well that I started a second 30 day challenge to rebirth my yoga practice. I am now integrating several 30 day challenges and it is changing my life.


Consistency: Big accomplishments start with the first step and small consistent steps thereafter. My blog went from a post here and there, sometimes with months going by between posts. Now my blog has 43 posts all written since July 1.

Not only do I have a blog with lots of posts but I learned that the ideal post is 300-500 words. My first thought was “yikes, I can’t even say hello in 300 words.” But I took it heart and my posts are getting shorter, perhaps 500-700 words per post. I continue to work on this. Life, and blogging, is a process after all.


Inspiring Others: Who knew that by undertaking my own challenge I would inspire others. But I did! I got messages from people thanking me for inspiring them to not only blog but to keep their personal agreements. How beautiful is it to be an inspiration.


There is more that I learned but I am at my limit to keep your attention! These are the main things I learned but the reality is blogging, like life, is a journey not a destination. I will continue to learn and integrate the lessons along the way. Stay tuned for my next post on three more lessons I've received from blogging.


Shivie CookShivie Cook and Cemaaj Butler are the founders of TheCookandButler.com, a lifestyle coaching business to "ignite the spark within" and guide individuals toward living the life they love and deserve.

Shivie's corporate background as an international lawyer in New York/England, and Cemaaj's experience running a management company means they are both well versed in what it takes to make the leap into living a life "on purpose and with passion": and the mindset shift required for the person to achieve that success.

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