3 More Lessons From the Ultimate Blog Challenge

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By Shivie Cook

In my previous post I shared four lessons from my July blog challenge. Here are three more things I learned by undertaking this challenge of blogging daily for a month:


Blog Beautification and Functionality: Understand that when I started the challenge I had a Tumblr (and still do until our new site goes up.) It was bare bones. During the challenge I learned how to put a comments box on my blog, along with FaceBook and Twitter buttons. This bought my blog alive. People starting commenting and my blog felt loved.

I also learned how to use images on my site. This may seems simple to some but to me I just didn’t understand which ones I could use and how to give photo credit. Blog with pictures are certainly more appealing. Toward the end I saw a “feedjit” feed on a blog I was visiting. This tells you who looks at your blog and where they are from. I have readers from/ several continents and it is so cool!


Everything is a Blog Post: One fear I had was that I would run out of ideas. Blogging is like working out, the more you do the stronger you get. Everything from conversations with friends and clients to driving down the freeway, became a blog post. I now carry a little book that has 30 or more blog titles that I can dip into if I don’t feel inspired on a particular day.


Guest Blogging: Through my consistent blogging I have been a guest blogger on two different blogs so far. What an honor to be asked to write for someone else’s blog. Now I am actively seeking guest blogging opportunities.


How about you, what have you learned from your experience as a blogger? I would love to know, leave a comment down below. And if you’re thinking about blogging but not doing it, look for a challenge. You won’t regret it and your blog will grow.


Shivie CookShivie Cook and Cemaaj Butler are the founders of TheCookandButler.com, a lifestyle coaching business to "ignite the spark within" and guide individuals toward living the life they love and deserve.

Shivie's corporate background as an international lawyer in New York/England, and Cemaaj's experience running a management company means they are both well versed in what it takes to make the leap into living a life "on purpose and with passion": and the mindset shift required for the person to achieve that success.

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