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Below is my professional bio, but here's what really drives me...

Growing up, my parents, who immigrated to the United States, worked long hours to give us stability and security.   However, I often felt alone and unprotected.  A combination of shyness and trained in a culture to not speak up and rock the boat, I never expressed what I wanted.  I yearned to have the guidance to live my dreams.  I didn't even think my dreams were possible.  I spent hours as a child daydreaming but rarely took action to making my dreams a reality.

As a young adult, I started taking baby steps into building a life I loved.  I loved being a freelance programmer instead of taking a job. I became a massage therapist to pursue my passion and start my own business.  And in the process, I stumbled upon my first mentor.

She taught me how to be a business owner, how to build a business around my desired lifestyle (versus the other way around), and most importantly, she completely believed in me... even more than I believed in myself.

This was my turning point as an entrepreneur.


Professional Bio

Gail Nott is an expert in online and relationship marketing. She strategizes with successful business owners to create a personalized, client generation process that systematizes and streamlines their efforts, keeps them up to date, and allows them to create both their personal and professional legacy, without sacrificing their family life.

Gail is a marketing consultant with Asentiv, a worldwide consulting and coaching company, and the CEO and Founder for Nott Limited Solutions, a lead generation agency for B2B businesses.

She is the co-author of the book, Make Your Connections Count, earned her certificate in Advanced SEO from the Bay Area Search Engine Academy, and a two-time award winner from Constant Contact for best practices in email marketing.

As a BNI Director Consultant and an 11-year BNI member, Gail believes that word-of-mouth marketing strengthens local businesses for today and for generations to come.

Gail and her husband Cory, live in Oakland with their cat and parrot. In her free time, she loves to hike, watch movies, read historical fiction and personal development books, and babysit her nieces and nephew.

Her key to success is developing relationships with like-minded people to help each other reach their visions and live a spectacular life


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